First Phase

The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub follows the 4th Africa-Europe Youth Summit and the AU-EU Youth Plug-In Initiative, which involved African & European Youth in suggesting new ideas on six essential topics to the AU-EU Partnership, compiled in the Abidjan Youth Declaration and the AU-EU Youth Agenda.

The Youth Fellows involved in developing the AU-EU Youth Agenda were tasked to think differently, to work together in outlining possible solutions to generate positive social impact.

Next Phase

The next phase, with the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub, is about prototyping and testing approaches and ideas in reality; piloting them on a small scale but with maximum impact, visibility and result-evidence. 42 young people from both continents, aged between 20 and 35 years, were selected from over 1700 applications (following an open application process).

Projects worth €10 million will be piloted across 6 thematic areas, through civil society organisations.

They represent 28 nationalities from Africa, the European Union and the Diaspora.

The Hub will:

  1. Involve youth in reviewing the ideas that were suggested in the Youth Agenda
  2. Further define the scope of these selected pilot projects
  3. Enable these pilots through a €10 million Call for Proposals for Civil Society Organisations
  4. Involve youth in monitoring the implementation of the pilot projects
The Young Experts will meet at various times until the 6th AU-EU Summit, virtually and in person. The first Hub Session will be held in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), in partnership with GiZ, from 27th October – 4th November.
The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub is also one of 119 projects selected to participate in the Paris Peace Forum 2018.
Interested partners are welcome to get involved, either on a cluster-specific basis or in the overall AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub operations.
The Hub can serve as a transformative and empowering force capable of showing ways of bringing Africa and Europe closer in a win-win partnership, improving public welfare and revitalizing communities.